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Founded in 1993, Singla Timbers Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Rajpura (Punjab) and has branch offices in Gandhidham (Gujarat), Ambala Cantt (Haryana) and Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir). During its early days, the company primarily distributed Indian hardwoods procured from the Assam state of India. Within a decade of its inception, the company gained a significant customer base and ranked among the top timber wholesalers and distributors in the north Indian region. During the late 1990s, the company adapted to the changing environment of government regulations within the country and emerged as a pioneer in international trade importing lumber from other parts of the world. Since then, the company has expanded its import operations to all the major lumber markets of the world and at the same time has grown its operations domestically. By 2008, the company had invested in a world-class wood processing facility with about 20 sawmills in Gandhidham (Gujarat), and streamlined the import of timber logs leveraging India’s labor benefits. In addition the company opened branch offices in key Indian markets. Simultaneously the company was also able to foster win-win relationships with its international suppliers and domestic customers. In the past few years, Singla Timbers Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as a regional leader in the north Indian market and is now expanding operations all over the country.

Our Vision

To emerge as a national lumber wholesaler by establishing sustainable long-term win-win partnerships with our suppliers and our customers.
Be a highly effective, lean and fast moving organization.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity, Customer satisfaction and quality focus..


In 1960, Late Sri Rameshwar Das Ji, at the age of 24, completed his education and started operating as a small timber retailer in Ambala Cantt (Haryana). During this time, the lumber was sawn mostly in Assam, and the logs were transported from the interiors of the jungles by elephants to the river shore. They were tied together and dropped in the river streams only to be collected in the valley. The logs were air dried, debarked and sawn into desirable sizes at the sawmills in the valley. These timber pieces were then transported by road or rail to a regional distributor, who sold them to the wholesaler, and the wholesaler to the retailer before the consumer purchased it. Late Sri Rameshwar Das ji, realized very early that this supply chain was highly fragmented and unorganized, and that owningthe entire supply chain would increase efficiency and margins. Within the next 2 decades, through his hard work and dedication, he brought this vision to reality and emerged as the single player who owned key pieces of the supply chain thereby changing the way this business was done. In his leadership, his company increased 5 times in size.

During the mid 1990s, he faced one of the biggest business challenges when the government of India imposed restrictions on cutting timber within the country. The government’s decision was the right step for our country and was probably the only alternative to save the country’s rich forests, but it seriously impacted the business. The company had made large capital investments in these past 2 decades and needed to steer through this business challenge carefully.

Mr. Rajeev Singla, son of Late Sri Rameshwar Das ji had just finished his education and had joined the timber wholesale business. Equipped with a Masters in Economics, he researched the import laws and, worked with the banks to get the required Letter of Credit limits against the assets and investments of the company. His efforts opened new channels of procurement, through international trade. In the coming years, he introduced many types of lumber to the north Indian market.Singla Timbers Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Rajpura (Punjab) primarily imports lumber from Malaysia, Africa, Canada, Russia, America and Europe.

Today, SinglaTimbers Pvt. Ltd. has grown 10 fold from its early inception in 1993 into a regional powerhouse. The firm has about 20 sawmills in Gandhidham (Gujarat) with more than 300 full time employees. In the recent past, the company also opened branch offices in J&K and Haryana. The company within its Directors together has over 35 years of experience in timber trade and imports. Singla Timbers Pvt. Ltd. prides itself with the quality of lumber that it produces in its mills and of that it imports from its partner suppliers from around the world.

Singla Timbers Pvt. Ltd. believes in building long term and sustainable mutually beneficial business partnerships and thanks you for your interest in us.

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